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Every designer brings their own authentic style to projects they work on. My design style is clean, direct and intuitive; causing people to act upon what they have seen.

Design is human, it affects people.  “It is not always about “Is it pretty?” but about the connection it creates between a product and our lives. I base all my work around this concept, to help connect you to your clients!



Hi! I’m Ruth. I am a graphic designer who dabbles in web design. I currently live in the Finger Lakes region of New York- it’s beautiful here! There’s a strong community here in the small, but growing town I live in, which I love being a part of. If I’m not designing, I enjoy spending time with friends cooking at my house or exploring great craft breweries in the area! I also love traveling in the winter; in the states or internationally.

Ruth Sommers

Ruth Sommers


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